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      Our Mission:

      Our mission is to promote handmade products created by artisans from Mexico and offer them to people that would like to try our Mexican products. We believe that the special skills that are passed from generation to generation from our ancestors need to be preserved.  Also, by making the products available to people around the world we are sharing part of our culture.

      With your purchase you can try an authentic item.  At the same time, you are helping the artisans to continue sharing their traditions and culture through their items. As well as, providing the opportunity to care for the upkeep of their families. 

      Each piece is handmade and unique, a one-of-a-kind item and not mass produced.  We invite you to browse our shop at your convenience. 

       Thank you for giving your patronage to this small business.

      With much gratitude,

       Rosie’s Market