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      Why You May Want Handcrafted Clothing

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      Why You May Want Handcrafted Clothing

      Why You May Want Handcrafted Clothing

      Why You May Want Handcrafted Clothing

      According to Women’s Wear Daily, a respected resource in fashion,

      “Handcrafted goods [comprise] a large global sector that reached a value of US$ 526.5 billion in 2017 and has only continued to grow in the years. To understand this trend, it is important to understand that consumers today care more and more about where their products come from, who produced them, under what conditions were they produced. The last decade has brought with it a great and wide shift in the mindset of consumers all over the globe. These includes trends towards sustainability, ethical consumption, small batch production, and looking for unique, expressive pieces..” (Nirali Guzman, RETAIL TRENDS: RISE IN CONSUMER DEMAND FOR ARTISAN, HANDMADE GOODS, Feb 20, 2021 Emphasis added by author of this article

      What Makes Artisan Clothing Better?

      We’ve all done it: We step into a bakery and our senses are overwhelmed by exquisite aromas of artisan bread. Kneaded expertly by master bakers who blend fresh herbs and spices to create artisan breads in small batches using tried and true traditional techniques, these artisanal breads are the complete opposite of mass-produced bread. These bakers are artists—artisans in the bakery!

      What is artisan clothing? Just as artisan breads are created by expert craftspeople in small batches, artisan (or artisanal) clothing is created by expert craftspeople using tried and true traditional techniques to sew small batches of clothing. Often, the cherished patterns and treasured designs are handed down from generation to generation which makes the clothing even more beautifully unique. That’s the kind of clothing I import from Mexico so you can enjoy it where you live!

      Being a Mexican raised in Mexico, I feel so fortunate to have such a rich culture from the best, tasty food to the amazing natural beauty and vibrant, colorful handcrafted clothing.

      Our artisanal clothing is not just a piece of clothing. Traditional clothing tells a story. If you know what to look for, you can tell by the designs where your clothing was crafted—whether from Yucatan or Sinaloa. Each state has its own representative outfit and style of clothing.

      Each piece of clothing is unique because the family artisans made their products by hand. For example, even if the same artisan makes the same style of shirt, each shirt differs to a small degree in the embroidered colors. Artisans express their imagination through their creations. Artisanal clothing is characterized by each family’s original designs, the fabric’s enhanced durability (when compared to commercially, mass-produced clothing), and it’s fascinating history. To create a single piece, there’s years of practice in addition to hours of work and effort that need to be recognized and valued.

      Each piece of artisanal clothing is handcrafted from high quality materials that are available in small batches to the artisan through his or her direct connections to the local cotton growers or shepherds. Some clothing artisans color or dye the fabric themselves, adding more time to the process. Because of the effort involved and the intricate process, each piece it is not considered “fast fashion.” These artisan clothing pieces last! For instance, a 100% handwoven wool or cotton poncho can last years to come.

      Love for Art

      One of the most important aspects is that an artisan engages all his/her senses. They create with care, mind, and heart. A true artisan loves what he or she does. For that reason, experienced craftspeople are saddened when the new generation doesn’t want to learn the techniques that has been passed through generations.


      Artisans create this handcrafted clothing while respecting the environment. The respect and love for the earth is evident since they feel a special bond with nature. Some artisans create their items in a small shop in their own homes. Artisans purchase their raw materials—thread, wool, cotton, and other items--locally and invest in their own communities. This economic activity kept locally improves the economy for those in the village.

      Do you know the person who makes your shirt?

      By contacting the artisans directly, I learn more details about the process of their products. I am available to answers any questions that you might have. This knowledge builds bridges of understanding between the artisans in Mexico, the people in my office in Oregon, and you.

      Artisanal Clothing is on Trend!

      Artisanal clothing is evolving over time and artisans are creating new designs to appeal to a widest population. It is adapting to the modern era.

      One of Rosie’s Market goals is to promote handmade items and especially the ones from Mexico. It warms my heart to be part of sharing some of my rich culture.

      Next time you see a colorful artisan piece of clothing, ask yourself, “Whose hands created this item?” When you buy from Rosie’s Market, I can tell you and then you can share your knowledge with your friends!

       Written by: Maria Del Rosario Richburg