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      Our Story

      My first encounter with real Mexican huaraches was observing my grandfather coming back from working the land or taking his cows to the hill to eat grass.  Huaraches were the only shoes my grandfather wore.  His huaraches took him through the roughest terrain traveling on foot in his everyday life.  Huaraches not only reminds me of my Grandfather and my beloved land, but it is also a part of our rich and unique Mexican culture.


       Beautiful picture of my Grand Father, Grand Mother and Uncle.



       I am from a beautiful city of Acambaro, Guanajuato.  Acambaro is famous for her bread. There is a bread parade in the month of July.  There is commerce everywhere!  We grew up seeing artisanal items all around us.

       Guanajuato is well known for their leather products and the unique colorful artisan items that make them unique and apart from other artisans from other states.

       I graduated at Acambaro, Guanajuato, Mexico from CONALEP (a technical school), with a major in Agricultural Business Administration.  After graduation performed some jobs such as: Pharmacy, retail, office assistance, to mention just a few.

       I emigrated to the United States when I was 24 years old in 1994. I landed in Brookings Oregon. I had no knowledge of the English language and culture.  My first job was at “Flora Pacifica” Started working in the field and later they moved me inside the shop to make wreaths and swags.


       Working in the fields at Flora Pacifica, Brookings Oregon.

       My second job at the same time was working at “Los Amigos” Mexican Restaurant.

       I did both jobs to make ends meet.  It was great to earn money to send to Mexico to help my parents to care for my most precious treasure, my little daughter of only 3 years old.

      It was there in Brookings that I met my now husband and married him.  In the same year, my husband got a job in our current location Burns, Oregon.   We have been here for more than 25 years.

      At that point I did not speak and read English at all.  As a Young mom and having little children engaged in jobs from home. I did laundry for other people and babysitting. Found a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant, lumber mill, Harney Coach Motorhomes Company, and as a Caregiver.

      I started learning English to be able to communicate and, to find better jobs.

      In 2003 found a job at the local domestic violence, sexual assault program as a Bilingual Victim Advocate.  My Executive Director Laura Vancleave taught me Non-profit management and added management functions as part of my job. She changed my title as a Bookkeeper and later as a Financial Officer.

      I worked there for the past 17 years until the end of January 2020. 


       It was a rewarding job that I enjoyed, but I decided to give my life a different direction. It is good to try different things, opportunities to grow.

      Being a part of a Coalition against domestic and sexual violence in Oregon and earning the Passion award was priceless.

        Finding a job while we are going through Covid-19 pandemic has been daunting.  It is especially challenging for small rural towns. 

      That is how I started thinking on ways to earn some revenue. That is how I came up with the idea of selling huaraches among other products. It is not only the idea of trying to make a living selling an item that has been part of our culture for so many years. It is also, letting the world know about our products and culture.  It also provides a way of making a living for the artisans that create such beautiful and practical products.

      Rosie’s Market outsources directly with the artisans in Mexico from genuine and trusted sources.

      Touching the huaraches and any artisanal product from my homeland is a way to keep them in my heart and be part of my life.  I feel like I am there, just walking in the street in the Marketplace. Lovely and treasured memories of my beloved Grandfather Vicente. (Papa Chente).

      Rosie’s Market also has hand forged items for sale on my website made by my husband Howard. The hand forged items are made from reclaimed horseshoes, steel, and other materials.  He also hand turned beautiful items. Please browse our shop at your convenience.

       Thank you for allowing us to share part of our journey with you.  With much gratitude for all that this county has allowed me to create.  Thank you for giving your patronage to a small business.


        My Motto: “The sun rises, shines and provide life for everyone”
      With much gratitude,